A Clean Garage Can Help Sell Your Home

Are your cars consistently parked in your driveway? If you’re thinking about selling your home any time soon, you’re going to need a clean, uncluttered garage. Prospective buyers need to not only visualize a place to park their cars, they need to see that there’s ample room to store all of their lawn and garden things as well. So, it’s time to get started on that clean garage.

If you’re like most people, you’ll need to set aside an entire weekend for the project. And, enlist the help of as many family members as possible so all the tasks are divided. Come up with a plan for what happens to all the items that you don’t plan to keep together so there’s agreement before you gClean Organized Garageet started.

First, you want to throw away any worthless junk that you never use and can’t be repurposed or recycled. Then create designated areas for things you plan to sell and one for donations. If you haven’t used something you find in your garage in years, it’s time to say goodbye.

Plastic tubs, or totes, are a great way to sort all the things you plan to keep while you’re working your way through all the mess (just measure them to make sure they’ll fit on your shelves when you’re done). Label each one with the category (e.g. Tools or Gardening Supplies) and fill them as you go. If you find items that need repairs, place them in a separate tub.

Be sure to set a time for the charity of your choice to come by and pick up all the items you plan to donate after the weekend. And, if you have a lot to sell, set your garage sale (or place the items on eBay) the weekend following your clean-up. If you still think your garage appears cluttered, think about renting a storage unit until your home sells.

Finally, take the time to sweep well and if needed, hose it out. Not only will a sparkling clean garage help you sell your home faster, it will also organize you for your move ahead. Think how easy the totes will be to move. For other home staging tips, visit our other posts as well.

A Clean Garage Can Help Sell Your Home

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