7 Reasons to Hire Professional Movers vs. Bribing Friends with Pizza & Beer

We discuss 7 reasons to hire out the lifting on moving day to professional movers rather Professional Movers working togetherthan bribing your closest friends with pizza and beer. Although there are certainly many more reasons, here are just a few we decided to share.

  1. You will maintain, and even strengthen, your friendships with your closest buds. Since you won’t be asking [again] for their help lugging your heavy furniture up 3 flights of stairs, your relationships will remain intact. They won’t be in the awkward position of saying ‘yes’ to your request of “Can you help me move my stuff next Saturday morning? I’ll feed you pizza and buy you beer.
  2. You won’t be liable for your best friend hurting their back while hoisting your sofa over the balcony of your new apartment. When you hire properly licensed and insured movers, you won’t have to worry about something like this happening to your friends. Even if they are athletic, healthy, and strong, there are still dangers in handling and moving your own possessions.
  3. You can rest peacefully the night before moving day rather than wondering if the friends you begged to show up at 8am will actually be there to help you load the Uhaul, pickup truck, and the trailer you borrowed from your neighbor. Professional movers will typically schedule your appointment on their calendar at a set time or within a window. They will also notify you in advance of any changes or delays.
  4. Your move won’t take as long. When you hire professional movers, your local move will typically be completed in one day or even in several hours.
  5. You will not have to make 12 trips from the old apartment to the new one in order to get everything moved. Depending on the amount of stuff you need moved, all your belongings will likely fit on one 26 foot moving truck provided by the company and can be made in one trip.
  6. Professional movers won’t quit after a couple hours when they get tired or during the heat of the day. This is what moving crews do on a daily basis, so their endurance will likely last for the duration of your move and as well as the next customer’s move.
  7. After you’re all moved in, professional movers won’t hang around after all the commotion and expect you to entertain them, feed them, or give them beer!
7 Reasons to Hire Professional Movers vs. Bribing Friends with Pizza & Beer

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