7 Basic Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

No Clutter!

When staging your home, there should be no unnecessary or personal items lying around. That stack of magazines on the coffee table should be thrown away and those family photos on the wall should be packed up.

Clear Counters

Kitchen counters should not have toasters, coffee pots or cutting boards left out when your house is being looked at. The more counter space you have, the bigger your kitchen looks!

Organized Cupboards

Believe it or not, when people walk through your house, they will go through your cupboards! Be sure when staging your home that your kitchen and bathroom cupboards are tidy and organized with uniform dishes in them.

Key Pieces

Having only a few key pieces of furniture in each room when staging your home to sell makes the room seem more open. It also allows potential buyers to imagine their own furniture in the house.

Natural Light

Natural light is a big selling point in homes today. So when staging your home be sure to do a thorough cleaning of all of your windows – both inside and out. And open all blinds and drapes when there is a showing.

Fixtures are Permanent

If there are any fixtures that you would like to keep and install into your next home, you should take down before your home has showings. All light fixtures and curtains roads come with the house, so if you can’t bear to part with something, replace it before potential buyers come in.

Maintain the yard

First impressions are most important, and when staging your home, curb appeal can be a major selling point. Keeping your lawn neatly manicured and the bushes trimmed can be very helpful. If your home is on the market in the spring or summer months, planting colorful flowers can also help attract buyers.

Staging Your Home To Sell

7 Basic Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell

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