5 Steps For Getting Settled In Your New Home

Successfully moving out of your old home and getting settled into your new home can be a lot of work but what do you do when the dust has settled, the professional movers are gone, and you are left with stacks of boxes everywhere you look? We have put together some steps to help you with the process of getting settled into your new home.

1. Set Up the Utilities

This should be one of, if not the first thing, to do when you move. Moving to a new location may involve transferring or setting up new utilities if your landlord is not providing the service. If that is the case, disconnecting, reconnecting or transferring the utilities can take some juggling to make sure that your water, electric, and heating services are fully functioning exactly when you need them to be.

2. Make a To-Do List

There is a lot to do besides just unpacking boxes. Start by making a detailed to-do list of everything that needs to be accomplished now that you are moved in. Some tasks on your list might include: wipe down kitchen cupboards before you unpack dishes, label shelves in the pantry, designate or label certain areas in the garage for storage, get the laundry room in usable condition, etc. The most important thing about a to-do list is that you stick to it!  It will help you prioritize your time and actions.

3. Arrange Your Furniture

Get your Feng Shui on!! Organizing and arranging are not essential to getting everything set in your new home, but they are an important step to making your new house feel like home! See our great blog on how to arrange furniture for some ideas to get you started.

4. Organize Your Closets

When trying to get settled in your new home, it is so much easier to employ all those great organizational ideas you have before you unpack everything. Spend a few minutes on Google looking for closet organizing tips or an afternoon walking around a store like Bed Bath & Beyond to get some ideas. There are also companies that specialize in designing and creating storage solutions for you such as California Closets.

Organize Your Closets5. Unpack

Most people look at this as such a dreadful task but it is all a state of mind.  Turn unpacking into Christmas morning; if you have children turn it into a game and get the whole family involved. Unpacking does not need to be a loathsome burden. If you discipline yourself to unpack one box every time you walk into a room the unpacking will get done in no time. If you also take to heart the “Organize Your Closets” tip and get everything set up before you start unpacking then it becomes a breeze.

Now you have some steps to getting settled into your new home! You may also enjoy our blog on money-saving tips as well!

5 Steps For Getting Settled In Your New Home
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