5 Major Relocation Mistakes

Relocating is an exciting time for all involved but it’s important not to let the buzz interfere with the cool, rational thinking needed to ensure your move goes smoothly.

Here is a heads up on five common mistakes people make when moving home:

Underestimating the cost of a DIY move

When they start researching the costs of professional moving companies, inexperienced movers often get a shock and decide to go down the DIY route.

Only when they add up the costs at the other end do they realize they have actually spent a lot more than if they had paid for the professionals. Not only will you have to factor in fuel and perhaps extra insurance, you will also spend longer packing and use more packaging materials. You are also a lot more likely to break something during transit.

Rather than immediately rule out a professional moving company, spend time looking for special offers and comparing estimates. You can often bring the price more in line with your budget.

Starting too late in the day

Packing almost always takes longer than expected and then there is the additional preparation time to consider. For most moves, it is wise to give yourself at least a month to organize everything.

In terms of packing, a typical three bedroom house is likely to take around five days (you might want to add a day if you have a lot of delicate items to pack.

Taking too much

Moving everything you own from A to B is usually wasting an opportunity to declutter and even raise some funds for the move. Prior to packing, separate out items you won’t need and either sell, donate or recycle them. Remember, even if you are not charged specifically by weight, every extra pound adds to the amount of labor and fuel needed.

For every heavy item, carefully balance its weight with its value to decide whether it’s worth bringing the item with you or buying a replacement when you arrive at your new home. This will help you keep your home move quick and painless.

Skimping on moving equipment

Professional moving equipment is designed to save you time while ensuring your possessions arrive in perfect condition at the other end. Not hiring moving equipment dollies may save you money but it will add to labor time, increase the risk of damaging furniture and flooring and could even lead to injury. Even opting for used store cartons instead of professional moving boxes can end in breakages and spillages.

Not packing an essentials bag

There is a reason why the ‘essentials bag’ has been given that name. It really is essential. For those who have never come across one, the essentials bag is a duffel bag, suitcase or box containing anything you might need on the first day or so of moving in to your new home. It travels with you and means you don’t have to unpack everything immediately. Every family has their own idea about what is essential but items usually include a change of clothes, small cooking pots, cutlery set, paper plates, torch, matches, batteries, cell phone chargers, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, small towels, face cloths and simple snacks.

About the author
James Levine is CEO of New Haven Moving Equipment. Together with his two brothers, Roger Levine (Co-President) and Larry Levine (Co-President), Mr. Levine manages the executive and daily operations of New Haven. NHME has been manufacturing moving equipment for over a century and they manufacture and distribute high quality moving boxes, furniture moving pads, moving equipment and packaging supplies to professional movers and the general public at wholesale prices.

Mr. Levine has served at New Haven for forty years. He has had several positions within the company prior to becoming CEO, including serving as General Manager of the Louisville, KY office; Vice-President of the Texas Companies, and President of New Haven. Get in touch via Facebook.

5 Major Relocation Mistakes