5 Handy Websites for Moving Announcements

Websites for Moving AnnouncementsOnce moving day is over and you’re settled into a good routine in your new place, it’s a great idea to send out moving announcements to let everyone know your exciting news. Then they will know how to find you when they have news to share and where to send your Christmas card. Keeping in touch with friends, family, and business acquaintances is essential in maintaining strong, lifelong friendships and relationships regardless of distance or location.

We found these handy websites to create your own moving announcements or start with a premade template. 

  • Probably the most affordable moving announcements we’ve found online are from Vistaprint.com. At this link, you’ll find an entire gallery of the options they offer and see their current pricing specials.
  • Purpletrail.com has some very simple designs but also colorful. Most of their options are fully customizable too. They also offer the ability to design and send online announcements, so instead of mailing your moving announcement, you can email them as well.
  • Not only does Snapfish have moving announcements or “new home cards” but they also provide quite a selection and the option to insert a new home photo or a shot of your family in front of your new home.
  • If you’re looking to send moving announcements with a more elegant feel to them, InvitationBox.com is where you want to look. Their designs are more stylish and eye-catching.
  • If you have recently moved your business, you want your moving announcement to have a more professional, corporate, or industrial feel, then check out TinyPrints.com. 

Use any of these websites the next time you need to send a quick moving announcement and don’t want to design it yourself or start from scratch! Also refer to our other blog to get ideas on what information to include on your moving announcement if you’re feeling less than inspired.

5 Handy Websites for Moving Announcements

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