3 Solutions for Small Living Spaces

Solutions for Small Living SpacesMaking a home in small living spaces doesn’t have to cramp your style. You simply have to make it work for you by getting creative with the space. We share 3 simple solutions for small living spaces to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to make the most of the square footage you do have.

Maximize Room Corners for Shelving

Sometimes room corners get lost in the equation because they are so small and inconspicuous. But using shelves in corners is a functional way to utilize all your available space. Apartment Therapy shares several clever DIY ideas, one actually involves using a refurbished door cut in half with rounded shelves! A good goal is to take full advantage of the height of the room by installing the corner shelving from the floor all the way to the ceiling. Nexxt has a very modern and unique corner unit if you’re looking for something different.

Use Furniture that Does ‘Double Duty’

Multi-functional furniture is a must in small living spaces. Find ottomans with lids that provide storage inside so you get dual use out of the furniture. Try picking out seating such as a bench that allows for storage bins or baskets underneath taking full advantage of the space from the floor up. Another option is a table that transforms into a desk like the Vika Veine Table at Ikea. A hidden cubby or storage space underneath the flat eating surface is perfect for a dual purpose piece for small living spaces.

Have an Organized Entryway

There are many ways to organize your entryway so you do not clutter up your small living space. Several great ideas include: place a hook on which to hang your keys or purse, install simple shelving or folders for incoming and outgoing mail beside the front door, and even a small chair or foyer table to set larger items on such as a laptop bag, backpack, or grocery bag. These are inexpensive solutions for small living spaces and help keep clutter from accumulating upon arrival to your humble dwelling.

3 Solutions for Small Living Spaces
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