3 Easy Ways to Prepare Before Movers Arrive

1. Make sure all boxes are taped closed (this will speed up the loading process) and labeled ‘FRAGILE’ and/or which room they belong in.

2. Unplug or disconnect all appliances and electronics. Some movers will not move certain items until they are turned off and disconnected (because of liability issues) and again this will save you time and money.

3. Keep all estimate paperwork, checkbook (or method of payment), and other important documents (such as lease documents or homebuyer paperwork) in a special place so they don’t get packed up or misplaced during the move.

There are MANY more ways to prepare for your move, do you have any tips? Have you moved locally and realized you could have been more prepared before moving day arrived?

3 Easy Ways to Prepare Before Movers Arrive

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