2013 Spring Cleaning Tips: Part 1

Simplicana LogoTime sure does fly; the first day of Spring was just one week ago. That means we’re already one-fourth of the way through 2013. Let’s get moving with some great spring cleaning tips for 2013 from one of our partners and local business owner Eliza Cantlay. Eliza is a local Kansas City professional organizer and owner of Simplicana. She says “Simplicana is about finding bliss in our homes when we enjoy what works and let go of what doesn’t.”

This week we’re sharing Phases 1-2 of Simplicana’s 5 Phase process for Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring cleaning time is here! Weirdos like me can’t wait to pick a day, get up at sunrise, and merrily de-cobweb the abode. For everyone else, here are some spring cleaning tips to keep you plucky and on task!

Phase 1: PSYCH UP!

  • Make an upbeat Spring Cleaning playlist to keep you whistling while you work. Mine would include “Here Comes The Sun” by The Beatles, “Free Ride” by the Edgar Winter Group, “Blue Skies” by Noah and the Whale, “So Fresh and So Clean” by Outkast, and “Cleaning Out My Closet” by Eminem (okay, maybe not that last one).
  • Make a checklist of every room or space in your home. Check them off as you clean them – having visual confirmation that things are actually getting done will keep you motivated and psyched. Self- high fives are encouraged (just don’t let the neighbors see you giving yourself a high five). It’s cool; I totally do it all the time. Shhhh.
  • Open all the windows. Sunlight and fresh air will invigorate you.
  • Avoid the dizzies and ditch the chemicals. Make sure your cleaners are healthy for your family and the earth. Safe brands include Melaleuca, Method, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, JR Watkins, and Seventh Generation. In many cases you can simply clean with baking soda and white vinegar, and save many bucks.
  • Make sure you have garbage bags for soft donations like clothing and linens, and boxes for the hard ones like house wares – score free boxes at your local liquor store.


  • Start with the easiest spaces. Starting with something difficult may put a damper on the process before it’s barely begun. Kitchens and bathrooms are easy to start with, because nobody can argue with expiration dates. Unless they enjoy arguing with inanimate objects. I don’t judge.
  • Ask yourself the purging questions: Do I use it? Do I like it? Do I have a good, bad or neutral memory associated with this item? Am I keeping this out of obligation because so-and-so gave it to me? Does it even fit me?  Does it tell me to do its evil bidding?
  • If you’re too busy to do a charity drop, log onto gooddonor.org to see who does free pickups in your neighborhood while spring cleaning. Commit to a pickup date and make a note in your calendar to put your donations out the night before. In the meantime, stash your donations in the garage or a foyer closet: the closer to the door that they will eventually leave through, the better!
  • It’s not nice etiquette to donate stained or torn clothing or linens. So instead you can cut them up to use as rags for the next phase…

Come back next week for Phases 3-5 of Simplicana’s 2013 Spring Cleaning Tips!

2013 Spring Cleaning Tips: Part 1
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