10 Tips to Make Your Moving Day Less Expensive

Packing Boxes and MovingWhen you hire local movers to assist with your relocation, you’re probably not looking to spend thousands of dollars, nor do you want to spend much more than the estimate you received.

There are tips you can heed to make moving day less expensive on your pocketbook. Many of these involve the little things that are easy to overlook. In all likelihood, the most time-consuming activity your movers will engage in during your local move is carrying smaller items to and from the moving truck. In some cases, this can be up to 30-40% of the time to complete your move.

Here are some ways to make your moving day less expensive:

  1. Throughout the load and unload of your belongings, keep all walkways clear of clutter, boxes, children and pets.
  2. Carry any loose or light items like fans, linens, or pillows and transport in your own vehicle. Loose items do not normally survive well in the back of a moving van because they cannot be contained or protected and most companies will not even allow loose items like lamps or partially packed or open boxes on their truck.
  3. Move smaller items to the main floor of the home – clean out the attic and basement of all small items and light-weight boxes.
  4. Empty out your closet ahead of time and either pack into wardrobe boxes or carry in the backseat of your vehicle instead.
  5. Roll up floor and area rugs ahead of time.
  6. Disconnect and empty the refrigerator. Check your owner’s manual about how to prepare the cooling equipment for transport.
  7. Disconnect your washer and allow hoses to drain before moving day.
  8. Disconnect dryer and prepare for transport – some models need certain bolts or move kits set in place before transport.
  9. Drain all gasoline from lawn mowers or snow blower tanks – gasoline is a hazardous material that cannot be transported on moving trucks.
  10. Remove bedding and linens from mattresses and disassemble bed frames. Be sure to keep all bolts and parts together and labeled so they can be correctly reassembled.

As always, Great Day Movers are happy to help with moving anything that you do not want to move or simply do not have the time to do yourself. That is why these are purely suggestions to help make your moving day less expensive.

10 Tips to Make Your Moving Day Less Expensive

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