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5 Things To Make Moving Easier

Moving yourself can be a challenge, whether it is the first time or the twentieth. Picking up everything you own and putting it somewhere else is stressful. It is almost considered a rite of passage, but it is generally dreaded by most. However, with a bit of planning and some specific moving items, it can […]

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Preparing for Moving Day: 2 Common Questions

Most new clients – those moving for the first time or those who haven’t moved in a very long time – have similar concerns that we seek to address during the booking process. We even have various resources you can find here to help in preparing for moving day and to save money when moving. […]

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How the Moving Team Loads a Truck

Recently, one of our moving teams assisted a client with his one bedroom apartment move from Kansas City, Missouri to Grandview, Missouri. For this apartment move, our moving team literally needed all the cubic space inside the moving truck because he had MORE BOXES OF BOOKS than we’ve seen in a long time! Luckily, our […]

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Tips for Moving in Winter and Cold Weather

Wintertime is upon us in the Kansas City area. Moving day can be stressful and overwhelming and relocating in the winter can put some people over the top. Here are a few helpful moving tips to remember when moving in winter and when hiring a professional moving company to assist you.

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What to Know When Hiring Movers to Pack & Load a Storage Container or Rental Truck

Some people decide to go the route of a do-it-yourself move when relocating cross-country. This can save money and allow more control over the moving process. These individuals may prefer to rent their own moving truck, pack their possessions into the back, and drive away to their destination. Yet many have desired sanity and the […]

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