How We Became Movers in Kansas City

When Roger SDVOSBand Dana Ward purchased a fledgling delivery service in late 2007, they could not have known the journey for which God had been preparing them. Before the opportunity presented itself, they were being equipped – through their military training, business seminars, and life experiences. When Roger’s Army enlistment ended, the couple moved to Kansas City, ready for their next big adventure. One day he prayed, asking God to show him what business he should purchase for the amount of money he had. Within 48 hours, the answer was staring him in the face — to become movers. Roger and his wife were to pour their life savings into the purchase of Marathon Moving & Delivery.

Upon purchasing the company and becoming movers, they promptly tackled its lack of infrastructure and began to expand the business. They started with a business plan, created internal processes, began networking, infiltrated the local area with grassroots marketing tactics, and even got a small business loan to buy an additional truck. Despite the rugged economy, the company grew by leaps and bounds, and won numerous awards for excellence over the next several years.

Roger and Dana Ward Founders of Great Day Moving

Roger & Dana Ward

Then they decided it was time to take it to the next level.

Throughout 2010, and with the help of an insightful advisory board, the Wards worked to create a franchise system for movers that would bring the local moving industry into the 21st century and provide a business opportunity that is both low-cost and highly effective for entrepreneur movers. With all of the administrative operations provided, new franchisee movers have more time to tend to the customer’s needs and marketing.

“I wanted to elevate industry standards and create a system in which everyone in the process wins – business owner, employees, and of course, the customer” said Roger Lee Ward III, CEO of Great Day Moving.

Through this new proprietary franchise system, the capabilities culminate with an automated process that keeps costs down for the consumer, as well as enhances the quality of movers and service received. Great Day Moving franchisees can use the automated system to process customer payments faster, follow-up with customer issues more efficiently, and analyze the health of their business all within their “Franchisee Dashboard.”

Great Day Moving of Kansas City officially launched in April 2011 when Marathon Moving & Delivery became the first franchised location serving Johnson, Wyandotte, and Leavenworth counties in Kansas.

By May 2011, two franchisees had completed their initial training at Crownbound University and were ready to begin operations. These additional Kansas City, MO franchise locations help to more efficiently serve the needs of consumers located throughout the metro area.

Current plans include expanding operations to Topeka, Kansas and also several cities in Florida where potential franchisees are eager to get started.

If you are interested in franchising, please contact us at (816) 832-2627!

Common Questions People Ask:

Why did you start a franchise company?

We wanted to effect change on a much larger scale within our industry and knew that with all the things we had learned ‘fixing’ and growing the business, that we should create a system to: 1) help others start a business without needing a ton of capital or experience in the moving industry and 2) it was the next logical step in the process to growing our business.

Why did you change the company name when you started the franchise system?

When we decided to franchise, the name had to be one we could take nationwide. We found a company on the east coast that had a very similar name. With this discovery, we knew we had to change our name. We also wanted a more accurate description of who we are and what we provide our clients. So one day Roger said, “How about Great Day Moving?”

Who was included in your advisory board to create the franchise system?

Our advisory board consists of attorneys, accountants, business consultants, the KSBDC,  software developers, IT experts, human resources experts, franchisors and franchisees of other industries, the staff at the School of Franchising and many more!

What is Crownbound University?

Crownbound University (CBU) is the training center for Great Day Moving franchisees, currently located in Merriam, Kansas. Franchisees are required to attend CBU to learn how to successfully operate their Great Day Moving franchise before opening.

Proud movers in the Kansas City area, since 2007.

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