3 Tips For Storing Holiday Decorations

  1. Keep in mind the temperature of the space where you’ll be storing your holiday decorations throughout the year. Are the decorations going into an outside storage unit or will they be in your basement? Will they be in a climate-controlled environment or will there be a fair amount of humidity (such as in your attic during summer months)? This is an important factor to consider because moisture could ruin delicate holiday decorations like your children’s homemade crafts and ornaments, possibly melt holiday candles, or even damage electronic or light-up displays.
  2. The more meticulous you are in packing up, the easier it will be next year to unpack and decorate again. Were you frustrated with hanging the Christmas lights that were Storing and Organizing Holiday Decorationstangled all together and haphazardly thrown into a box? When taking the hanging lights down this year, take the time to slowly wrap them around your arm like you would roll up an electrical or extension cord. Then use zip or twist ties to keep them neat and organized. Be sure to label each one with how long it is and where it was used to save time next year (i.e. Christmas tree, front porch, around foyer entry, etc).
  3. If it’s breakable, protect it or risk it being broken. The last thing you want next year is to pull your favorite holiday decorations out of the box and realize they’re broken because you didn’t wrap them securely. Be sure to have ample amounts of padding, bubble wrap, or newspaper to protect round and odd-shaped ornaments. Ideally, you want to keep the original packaging that round ornaments came or use containers that have dividers to separate each one. You can even purchase special ornament organizers at craft stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michael’s. Be sure to carefully wrap each fragile ornament in tissue paper before placing in its compartment.

These are just a few ideas to assist you when storing your holiday decorations once the season has passed. We found several sites that may be helpful as well. Better Homes & Gardens has a great article on storing specific holiday decorations like wreaths, garland, and even glass displays. If you are very detailed, another article gives more resourceful and protective storage options.

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